Vice President, Production

May 13, 2022

Marriner Marketing’s VP of Production is a mature leader who successfully balances optimizing the agency’s human and technical investments with scoping best in class solutions for customers. The VP will inspire others to drive clarity in how to consistently deliver great, profitable work through process, resource and pricing improvements. Emphasis is placed on implementing systems and solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness. Specific areas of responsibility include estimating, production methodologies & technologies, project management oversight, supplier sourcing & management, hardware/software procurement, and asset optimization.

This role is a full-time, currently hybrid position with HQ based in Columbia, MD.

Strong understanding of current production best practices, managing contribution margins and ensuring a smooth agency workflow is essential. This position oversees any production and project management team members. Responsibilities include:

Cross Functional Engagement:

  • Maintain end-to-end accountability for project management, including planning, pricing, sourcing, negotiating, quality control and final delivery
  • Work closely with the finance team to ensure proper billing, purchase order processing and to support cash flow management
  • Collaborate with any/all team members to ensure customer expectations are managed with regard to scope, progress, schedule and budget
  • Set clear expectations for tasks and deliverables; provide timely feedback, information and direction to internal and external teams while diplomatically managing expectations
  • Help manage the computer and printer assets of the company, including hardware, software and third-party IT support
  • Manage vendor partner relationships and activities to source the best production method and technology fit to extend the creative team’s vision through to execution
  • Oversee project deliverables by generating printing requests for estimates and samples of materials, obtaining specs/dies, managing pre-press production, and coordinating press check and mailing/distribution
  • Issue purchase orders for all suppliers and assets requested by the agency
  • Review and approve all supplier invoices, including shipping receipts and resolving discrepancies when necessary
  • Find opportunities to optimize profitability and revenue potential for the agency when significant investments are made with current systems as well as future solutions yet to be identified
  • Maintain all contact information for vendors in coordination with the finance team
  • Be a good problem solver for the teams and our business
  • Own Workamajig to keep it current and working well for the organization; work interdepartmentally to facilitate appropriate upgrades or conduct customization as needed
  • Train new employees on Workamajig and agency workflow processes
  • Collaborate on RFP’s, new business proposals and scoping requests to support gaining profitable new business and a smoother onboarding process when they become a customer
  • Protect agency’s and customers’ interests when sourcing and negotiating use licenses, while still ensuring in line with customer MSA’s, NDA’s, SOW’s, etc.
  • Actively engage in senior leadership team meetings to help position the agency for continued growth

Financial Management:

  • Accurately develop scope and cost proposals for customers
  • Determine the best way to handle job/estimate/resource reconciliation by mastering the art of the post mortem
  • Focus on maintaining top tier market pricing and appropriate distribution of tasks/hours by department and functions when developing estimates
  • Ensure consistency of pricing throughout the organization, while understanding the different pricing structures for the various clients
  • Leverage Workamajig to improve speed and accuracy of estimates along with new reporting processes for the senior management team
  • Work with the client service teams to provide realistic estimates and timelines that create a winning scenario for both the agency and the customers
  • Work with the client service teams to help them understand the estimates in order to properly present them to our customers
  • Obtain and negotiate detailed estimates, specifications and terms for all external costs from a variety of suppliers, including printers, photographers, stylists, video production houses, producers, etc.

Team Management:

  • Oversee and manage project managers to ensure proper workflow and on-time schedule delivery
  • Work with project managers in developing schedules with the various team members to optimize manpower and set realistic delivery dates
  • Maintain and grow the health and culture of the agency – a fun and meaningful place to work
  • Establish and encourage a culture of teamwork based on warmth, curiosity & perseverance
  • Ensure accurate job descriptions and goals are set for each departmental employee
  • Conduct performance reviews and career path plans, including encouraging training to build and develop new skills and capabilities, for direct reports
  • Develop and promote a departmental vision with short- and long-term goals that ladders back to the agency purpose
  • Discuss issues to keep the department operating efficiently and productively
  • Serve as an advocate for the project managers and work with other departments to resolve any potential conflicts
  • Review weekly status sheets to ensure accuracy and proper integration with agreed-to schedules

Asset Management:

  • Specify and issue P.O.s for all assets, software, fonts, images, etc., in order to streamline purchasing and procure assets that optimize workflow
  • Work with department heads to spec and purchase all computers, software, fonts, images, etc., to keep the business running efficiently
  • Manage the photography contracts and usage rights related to stock houses and direct contract photographers as well as font usage rights
  • Work to manage the work assets on the server—proper organization and efficiency of space are paramount to speed and workflow

Required Knowledge/Skills/Experience:

  • 7-10+ years agency experience
  • BA in design, management or related field
  • Expertise in the paper and digital industries, including current best practices, methodologies & technologies
  • Expertise with resource management, budgeting and scope definition
  • Very strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills
  • Clear presentation of project plans, schedules, issues, risks and requirements to appropriate team members
  • Excellent verbal, written, listening, presentation, persuasion and interpersonal skills
  • Effective management of multiple, concurrent projects against aggressive timelines without compromising accuracy or quality
  • Knowledge of packaging design and production
  • Excellent negotiating and relationship building skills with outside vendor partners or other entities involved in supporting the agency or its customers
  • Great interpersonal skills and a do-whatever-it-takes attitude
  • Ability to work under time constraints in a fast-paced, high-volume, multitasking environment while still having fun and remaining calm and poised under pressure
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